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BSA Film Friday 06.30.17

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Herakut at Nigg Bay 2. Maga Ilustration for 12 + 1 in Barcelona 3. Csaw X All Teeth in Abandoned Tribute 4. UCIT “VIETNAM” – The adventures of Optimistuey. 5. Order55 X Sydney from Dom West. […]

A Graffiti Painted Cityscape: Laura Shechter Documents Street Art on Canvas

If there is someone who knows Brooklyn Street Art and graffiti, it is Laura Shechter. Dart, Cash4, Cost, Sace, City Kitty, Chris Stain, she knows them all. And yet she doesn’t know them at all. When you live in a city and see graffiti or Street Art the creators of the scene cannot hope to […]

Opiemme Paints a “Black Hole Sun” with Lyrics for Chris Cornell

A tribute to singer Chris Cornell today from Street Artists and calligramist Opiemme. Opiemme. “Black Hole Sun” Urban Forms Foundation. Lodz, Poland. June 2017. (photo © PAWEŁ TRZEŹWIŃSKI) Entitled “Black Hole Sun”, the lyrics of the Soundgarden song were stuck in the mind of the artist since Cornell passed in May. The monochrome layout of […]

Fra Biancoshock Builds an Aerosol Can Ladder “Beyond” in Milan

Looks like Biancoshock is feeling a little nostalgic for his wall-hopping days with this simple ladder made of aerosol paint cans. When talking about the graffiti and Street Art scene it is often an overlooked fact that usually a career of hopping walls and roofs and trains is limited – sort of like a pro-basketball […]

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