Brooklyn Street Art

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She Broke Night – Olek and Performers Inside/Outside UN in Berlin

“Strong individual artistic statements in the streets can create these magical, deeply human moments in your everyday routine and push you out of the frame,” says Sebastian Purfürst. “It’s an alternative and amazingly uncontrollable channel of human to human communication.” Multi-dimensional artists like the Polish-now-Brooklyn-based OLEK find it difficult to describe their work because they […]

BSA Film Friday: 05.26.17

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Nuart Aberdeen 2017 – The Movie. 2. Edjinn for 12 + 1 Project in Barcelona 3. Trump Meets the Pope on the Street 4. Dale Grimshaw at Memorie Urbane 2017 5. “The Brainwashing of My Dad.” […]

Artists Re-Fresh “Coney Art Walls” for ’17

After all that sun and surf and sashaying up the boardwalk in espadrilles and a big hat, what smashing city girl doesn’t like to throw on a fresh coat fire-engine-red lipstick ? Smart Sallys know that fresh paint on the kisser can bring a bevy of new beaus to take those lips for a ride. […]

Evan Pricco Curates “What In The World” at Urban Nation in Berlin

“The graffiti and Street Art movements – they have all these tentacles and they can be non-linear.” A new exhibition in Berlin’s neighborhood of Schöneberg epitomizes one of the central schisms that has vibrated through Street Art and graffiti for years: the question of where to draw boundaries between these two scenes. Each may have […]

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