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NemO’s Bunches Heads Together Like Grapes in Roman Suburb

Posted on February 8, 2017

This mural program is “maintaining a complete detachment from the speculation of the art system,” says Street Artist NemO’s of Muracci Nostri.

However he looks quite attached to this wall.

NemO’S. Primavalle, Rome. November 2016. (photo © Laura Lepera)

Rappelling down its’ side using a doubled rope coiled around the body and fixed at a higher point, NemO’s efficiently averts the complications of ladders or cherry pickers and gets right to work on this bunch of grapes.

NemO’S. Primavalle, Rome. November 2016. (photo © Laura Lepera)

“I have translated into an image what I perceive of this district,” he says of the Rome suburb of Primavalle, which he tells us has always had a populist, anti-fascist sentiment since it was formed in response to the gentrification of downtown.

“In the 1930s the people who lived in via della conciliazione, a street near San Pietro, were displaced from the centre of Roma and forced to move to the outskirts,” he says, as he describes this neighborhood that has hosted collectives and movements of the left wing historically.

NemO’S. Detail. Primavalle, Rome. November 2016. (photo © Laura Lepera)

Thus the collective nature of this bunch of grapes, one entity composed of a greater number. “A ‘bunch’ of grapes is a singular word, composed of many grapes,” he says. “I drew a leviathan where each grape has a face, a fragment of a district, an inhabitant of Primavalle.”

NemO’S. Primavalle, Rome. November 2016. (photo © Laura Lepera)

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