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BSA Film Friday: 08.18.17

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Charlottesville: Race and Terror 2. “Don’t Be A Sucker”   BSA Special Feature: “Charlottesville: Race and Terror” BSA Film Friday has become a popular section on BSA and usually we show 3 or 4 short films […]

BD White Flies Into Space With Astronauts for “Love, Loss and Longing”

Street Artist BD White has always been intrigued by the life of astronauts – so much so that he has them tattooed on his arms. Their desire for adventure, the solitude in space, and their storied longings for loved ones far away provide metaphorical  inspiration for this new gallery show that he has been developing […]

Spidertag’s Electrified Geometry on Beach in Cadiz, Spain

Electrified geometry and abstraction isn’t just for the street anymore, thanks to Spidertag’s vacation at the beach this month. Europeans and their famous vacations during August are always surprising us – by their solidarity as workers to demand those month-long vacations, to the fact that the continent stays drunk for such a long continuous stretch. […]

Jerkface: “Saturday Mornings” Deconstructed, Reconstructed, Repeated

“We all draw from memory,” says Futura 2000 in the introduction, “and default to past experiences, finding associations to the various cast of characters. In some cases the faces have been changed to protect the innocent.” Jerface “Saturday Morning”. Published by Over The Influence. December 2016 A direct link to his childhood and the televised […]

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