Brooklyn Street Art

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Fra Biancoshock Builds an Aerosol Can Ladder “Beyond” in Milan

Looks like Biancoshock is feeling a little nostalgic for his wall-hopping days with this simple ladder made of aerosol paint cans. When talking about the graffiti and Street Art scene it is often an overlooked fact that usually a career of hopping walls and roofs and trains is limited – sort of like a pro-basketball […]

Chip Thomas and “American Domain” at The Museum Of Capitalism in Oakland

An upside down American flag and a Navajo baby flying through the air. The two images appear in this new wheatpasted project from Street Artist/Activist Chip Thomas in Oakland California for American Domain, the inaugural exhibition that opened June 17 at the Museum of Capitalism. Chip Thomas with a photo of  Dan Budnik from 1983 in […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 06.25.17

‘Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017’’ it’s called, because “Kill The Poor” was not testing well in focus groups? Luckily, most people will never get sick or old, so this shouldn’t be a problem. It’s LGBTQ Pride weekend in New York, the home of the original Stonewall Inn where all the colorful queens bashed back […]

“Street Art” by Ed Bartlett: A Quick Primer for the World Traveler

Since the early 70s Lonely Planet publishing has made guidebooks for travelers of the world, enabling people to gain a greater understanding and to appreciate localities, cultures, and histories. Ed Bartlett now adds to this vast compendium of understanding a concise and varied survey of Street Art from his vantage point as an avid bicyclist, […]

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