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Karl Addison “Carina” at Le M.U.R. in Paris

Posted on November 24, 2016

Across the US today families are joining together/avoiding each other for Thanksgiving in a spirit of gratitude. For those who are afraid to have potentially firey political conversations at the dinner table or for those who are living too far away from home to afford to travel, Thanksgiving often becomes “Friendsgiving” – just gathering friends and like-minded neighbors together to eat, drink, tell stories, be grateful for the blessings of life that we recount to one another.


Karl Addison Carina Le M.U.R, Paris, November 2016. (photo © Karl Addison)

American contemporary/street artist Karl Addison lives in Berlin right now but still created this tribute to a dear friend on a Parisian wall last week for the Le M.U.R. Project. Over 200 artists have created installations on this wall at 107 Rue Obrkampf and Karl’s is #221. He says he was inpired by the palette of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere this time of year, specifically the trees and leaves in Paris, when he created this portrait.

A tribute to a friend is a noble endeavor. As we reach across the table and the difficult cultural divide, may we all make just one more friend this week in the spirit of Thanksgiving.


Karl Addison Carina Le M.U.R, Paris, November 2016. (photo © Karl Addison)


Karl Addison Carina Le M.U.R, Paris, November 2016. (photo © Karl Addison)


With special thanks to Elisabetta.


“Title: Carina
Medium: Mural – Acrylic and Spraypaint
Size: 7m x 5m
Year: 2016
Location: Paris, France – Le M.U.R”

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