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David Walker Paints Largest Mural at Belgian School for “Wild-Brabant”

“Just finished my biggest mural to date,” says Street Artist and muralist David Walker about this upward gazing fresh face in Belgium. Today we have photos exclusive to BSA readers of the new 17 square meter mural at an elementary school that is visible from many of the classrooms throughout the day – presumably for […]

BSA Film Friday: 04.29.16

  Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Os Gemeos Mural: Hangar Bicocca Building (Milan) 2. Tilt: Voyage – Aller Biennale Marrakech 3. Ugo Rondinone: Seven Magic Mountains 4. Ryan Campbell Profile BSA Special Feature: Os Gemeos Mural: Hangar Bicocca Building Graffiti writers […]

Salty New Character Appears On BK Streets

Birds, bees, flowers, fat caps. Warmer weather equals more new art on the streets – including new artists whose work you don’t recognize. Also we know its spring because the email box is getting daily requests from soon-to-be-visiting or just arrived artists requesting that we help procure them a wall to paint. We stopped doing […]

Cane Morto “TOYS” Exhibition in Milan

Man against man. Man against God. Man against himself. Man against gratuitously opinionated and parochial graff heads, Street Art fanboys, and self-appointed explainers of the “rules” of the street. These are a few of the recurring themes in “TOYS” by the Italian free-thinking brutalists and long-pole bucket painters named Canemorto in their exhibition with Superfluo […]

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