Brooklyn Street Art

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MB6 Street Art Update I – Marrakech Biennale

The 6th Marrakech Biennale has begun and the parallel project MB6 Street Art is in full effect as well – with an international collection of 10 artists painting murals at street level and on roofs inside the “Red City” or Medina of Marrakech. One of the core principals of the biennale is to be sensitive […]

Johannes Mundinger “Below The Fog” in Berlin

Indoor and outdoor merge in shifting slabs of memory that slip and stick in this new Berlin wall by Johannes Mundinger. In work that similarly slides from representative and abstract, the work of the Offenburg born painter benefits from a sense of place and this new wall is especially good in these pictures when shot […]

Donald Trump “Loser” by Artist Vicki Da Silva in Front of His Building

The unreality TV version of the US political race is simplifying and degrading the discussions that candidates are having during this election cycle. If you ask the Republican frontrunner what the race is about he’ll reduce it down to a contest of winners and losers. Artist Vicki da Silva would agree. The artist did her […]

Fintan Magee, Puerto Rico, and Rising Sea Levels

Fintan Magee chose this water tower shape to feature a local San Juan boy carrying an iceberg – while the water levels rise and flood his world. Perhaps he is remarking on the fact that we are burdening the next generation of people with a host of ecological disasters to carry on their backs. The […]

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