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El Mac Brings Electricity to Creativity at Northeastern University

El Mac, the LA based aerosol Caravaggio has just illuminated a university wall in Boston with a portrait of his wife as alchemist, a glowing vision completed on the side of Northeastern’s Meserve Hall this month in time for Spring graduation. El Mac (photo © Todd Mazer) “The meeting of art and sciences is key […]

Skount and Rone : Lady Lying Under an Amsterdam Bridge

Collaboration between artists can be fraught with peril; styles don’t mesh, egos don’t play nice, mismatched palettes produce nausea. Here is an example when it works. Rone’s realist/pulp fiction figures wouldn’t normally dance with Skounts’ folk patterns and mystical symbols but here they are complimentary. Rone provides the girl, Skount gives her a dress. Skount […]

Mario Mankey: GO! GO! GO! BIG BIG DIG! in Valencia

Mankey is a Spanish artist now living in Berlin who is challenging himself to study and learn from artists and culture to find his own distinctive voice. Combining elements of comics, animation, primitavism, deconstructed graffiti, abstraction, Miro, Picasso, and Basquiat, the energy powering his assembled exploration is a professed desire to learn from and to […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 05.24.15

New York is bittersweet as we are welcoming summer this weekend and remembering those who served and who were lost in war as well (Memorial Day); amidst a changing political atmosphere where the country is tentatively beginning to seriously debate whether the US should have gone to Iraq and Afghanistan. So it’s also Fleet Week […]

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