Brooklyn Street Art

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The New Whitney Opens May 1 – “America Is Hard To See”

The stunning new Whitney Museum opens tomorrow, May 1st, in the Meat Packing District of lower Manhattan and you will be overwhelmed to see the last 115 years or so of artistic expression in America on display for the exhibit “America Is Hard To See”. 400 artists of every discipline and many art movements during […]

Ron English and the “American Temper Tot” Pop Out In New York City

All American Temper Tot is the name of the new installation by Street Artist Ron English on the Houston Bowery Wall in Manhattan, and the US flag-based design may be comforting to the average patriotic New Yorker until you realize he is offering a not-so-subtle critique of mindless consumerism that indicts probably everyone who passes […]

Borondo and His Collection of “Memento Mori” (Book)

Memento Mori, the collection of images and essays about the youthful Borondo is as much a reflection of the artist as it is his art and his process. Canvas bound with partial hardcover, it is unpretentious and easy enough to see into the inner workings of an artists process without feeling like a voyeur, allowing you […]

INTI Strikes a “Balance” For St + ART Delhi

With a new multi-storey mural in Khirki, INTI again brings the mystery and metaphor to a neighborhood. Part of the 2015 edition of St+Art India, this piece is entitled “Balance”. Yet another astounding piece by the prolific painter from Chile, this one defies gravity regarding a solemn topic of the heart. Inti at work on […]

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