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Sten & Lex in Rome for “Matrici Distrutte”

Posted on February 7, 2015

Delving into the esoteric, nearly conceptual milieu of Street Art, Sten Lex (previous Sten & Lex) are best known for their systemically/randomly destroyed enormous black and white photographic portraits. Using a stencil technique we are pretty sure they pioneered, they have used the physicality of the discarded pieces of stencil for years, partially pealed and left to hang and blow in the breeze, still attached to the “finished” piece.


Sten Lex. Rome, Italy. (photo © Giorgio Coen Cagli)

In one further experimentation with technique along the journey to a final work, the Italian duo open a new show at Wunderkammern tonight in Rome entitled Matrici Distrutte (Destroyed Matrices).  To prepare they have done a few installations in the city that may or may not be recognizable on the street as deliberate pieces of art, further burrowing their process into pattern, texture. In this case, the matrix of their stencil is destroyed, as is your expectation of simple representational imagery. To further understand the direction these new works are going, we are looking forward to reading the critical essay for the show, written by Samantha Longhi of Graffiti Art magazine.


Sten Lex. Rome, Italy. (photo © Giorgio Coen Cagli)


Sten Lex. Rome, Italy. (photo © Giorgio Coen Cagli)


Sten Lex. Rome, Italy. (photo © Giorgio Coen Cagli)


Sten Lex. Rome, Italy. (photo © Giorgio Coen Cagli)


Sten Lex. Rome, Italy. (photo © Giorgio Coen Cagli)


Sten Lex exhibition “Matrici Distrutte” opens today at Wunderkammern Gallery in Rome. Click HERE for details.



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