Brooklyn Street Art

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Here Is New York… Puddle Jumping and Snowbank Hopping

It’s been a rough week on the street, mainly for walking. Manhattan, NYC. January 27, 2015. (photo © Jaime Rojo) They lay there waiting for you, these murky masses of muddy mirth, lurking and winking under cover of blinking city lights and hundreds of reflections, still as ice, lying in wait, camouflaged as street. One […]

BSA Film Friday: 01.30.15

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Joe Caslin “Our Nation’s Sons” 2. Narcelio Grund: Ground Printer 3. Axel Void ASAP from TostFilms 4. Andaluz The Artist pays tribute to the late Robin Williams 5. Spaik: Video Mapping Toluca, Mexico. BSA Special Feature: […]

Bogotá : A Liberal Approach To Art Creates Exceptional Street Culture

Thanks to a globalism of culture, many cities around the world have sprouted vibrant Street Art scenes – including today’s focus, Bogotá, Columbia. Far more open to expression than many cities, Bogotá has become a tolerant and welcoming place for artists on public walls, with the mayor actually agreeing and decreeing that graffiti and street art […]

Skiing Cities of Serenissima : Swoon Vessels in the Snowy Woods

Swoon has sent her vessels out to the countryside to reunite with the soil and trees. Most art conservators and archivists make it their business to preserve a piece for posterity. Once art is created and collected it can be a vexing task for estates and institutions to make provisions enabling art to outlive the […]

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