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BSA Film Friday: 10.31.14

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. “A Tale of Two Murals” Atlanta on PBS BSA Special Feature: A Tale of Two Murals Today we take you to the hot swampy south of the US to see two murals destroyed by Atlanta neighbors […]

BOO! Street Art Inspiration for Halloween

Boo! Halloween is tomorrow and you know your subway ride is going to have some Werewolves, Zombies, Sexy Nurses, and Mini Mouses (mice). Also big fat hairy rats, but they are always there. To help you get in the mood and for inspiration we have a lil’ selection of Street Art oddities and monsters that […]

VHILS in Łódź Reveals Ghostly Profile Using Signature Destruction

It isn’t often that Street Artist Vhils aka Alexandre Farto does a profile view and this one gives you the feeling that she is ignoring you, or otherwise engaged. Perhaps the newest wall at Urban Forms in Łódź, Poland is his take on the feeling one gets when his girlfriend is always looking at a screen […]

Maya Hayuk Colorfully Cross Hatches With Rollers In Toronto

New images today from Toronto where muralist Maya Hayuk completed an enormous multi-part kaleidoscopic piece at the Landsdowne Street underpass. Reprising the color palette you may most recently have seen for her “Chem Trails” composition on the Houston Street wall in New York, Hayuk rolled out the eye popping plaid for fall (and winter), a […]

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