Brooklyn Street Art

…loves you more every day.

Hot Tea Lights Memorial Luminaries About Loss on Library Steps

Site Specific Installation at NY Public Library for New Yorkers On a recent evening in mid-town Hot Tea lit a candle for those we’ve lost. 180 of them actually. A conceptual public art piece on the steps of the Mid Manhattan Library, the Street Artist who is known for tagging isometrically with yarn on fences […]

LA in Berlin, Urban Nation Unveils Project M/4

Urban Nation in Berlin bellows quietly again as it partners with Andrew Hosner of Thinkspace in LA for an eclectic Project M/4 installation and group show. Dabs & Myla on the facade. Project M/4. Urban Nation, Berlin. (photo © Henrik Haven) The forth iteration of this open/secret streetside exhibition in the the front windows of […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 05.25.14

We start this weeks collection of images from the street with a new piece in Bushwick by Joe Iurato, a New Jersey based Street Artist who also, as we learned via press release this week, has been selected to co-curate the newly announced Mana Museum of Urban Arts in Jersey City with another stencillist on […]

Touring the Other Side of Town, A Taste of Asheville Graffiti

When you first pull into a new town you have to trust your personal barometer; a series of individual metrics you have devised over time with which to measure its personality and state of mind. For example, you may see how good the grilled cheese and tomato is at the diner, inquire whether there is […]

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