Brooklyn Street Art

…loves you more every day.

Inviting Neighbors to Paint Your Walls, Paweł Althamer at New Museum

One of the electrifying aspects of Street Art for many people is the prospect that public space can actually be a place to create within. There is something about the hand-rendered painting or tag that stops people, fascinates them; these neighbors who otherwise are inured to the commercial images and messages that have all but […]

Shok-1 Street Art X-Rays Reveal a Unique Hand at the Can

Three decades since starting as an aerosol writer, Shok-1 may be more commonly referred to as a Street Artist today, even though graffiti is still in his bones. After experimenting with a number of styles that lean more toward illustration and caricature, the England born fine artist has primarily focused on one unique style that […]

New Video for Project M/3 at UN Site in Berlin

Here’s a fresh video (below) completed yesterday that shows a little of the excitement and machinations behind the scenes of the Project M/3 in Berlin, as well as dramatic foreshadowing of the UN. Director Yasha Young lays some of the groundwork philosophy and Martha Cooper alludes cheerfully to the scope of things to come.  JBAK […]

Skount and Pau Quintana Jornet Make a “Spring Offering”

In Amsterdam the temperature is above freezing and the trees are beginning to show little buds on the branches. With any luck this new “spring offering” by Skount and Pau Quintana Jornet will usher in the end of winter faster. Pau Quintana Jornet and Skount collaboration in Amsterdam. “Spring Offering” (photo © Skount) Inspired by Norse mythology, […]

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