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BSA Film Friday 02.28.14

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Roti “To the New Ukraine” 2. Getting “GREASY” with Narcelio Grud 3. Mr. Toll from DEGA Films 4. NDA from DEGA Films 5. “I Can See You” in Iraq 6. Experimenting with Projection Mapping BSA Special […]

MP5 in Italy : Stressed Out Magpies and Carrot-Chasing Rabbits

A big spoon full of sugar – that’s what keeps the sweetness in the appearance of these two public art bus stop pieces from MP5 in Italy. Once assessed, you may see the bitter critique of modern norms that are portrayed in festive sunny tones. MP5 . For Arte Inattesa. Detail. Gaeta, Italy (photo © […]

Kabul to Brooklyn, Street Art and Graffiti as Common Ground

Afghanistan is not the first place you think of when someone says Street Art scene and Kabul would certainly be sort of low on your list of urban art festivals to check out, but surprisingly it has both. These are a couple of the revelations we had earlier this month when BSA welcomed three 20-something […]

More Pow! Wow! Hits as Picked by Martha in Hawaii (Part II)

Today we jump right in to the warm Honolulu waters for a swim before padding barefoot up to the painted walls of Pow! Wow! where photographer Martha Cooper is waiting camera in hand and looking for a fly swatter to smack down a camera drone that is buzzing around her head and getting in the […]

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