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Spaik in Medellin, Colombia for “Pictopia”

Posted on October 29, 2013

The third edition of the Street Art and graffiti festival called Pictopia is taking place in Colombia right now and through November 19th in four cities; Cali, Medellín, Manizales, and Copacabana. Begun in April of 2011 as principally a graffiti exhibiton with 50 graffiti artist, the project has opened itself to Street Art and mural artists, hosted a variety of participants as it continues to define itself.

Today we get an electrifying look at the piece by Mexican painter Spaik as he finished “Rebirth”, his contribution in Medellín on the backside of what appears to be (or have been) a church. Perhaps the title refers to the religious conversation one is said to experience in the Christian faith, and it may refer to the country of Colombia itself in some ways.


Spaik. Medellin, Colombia. (photo © Anck/Spaik)


Spaik. Detail. Medellin, Colombia. (photo © Anck/Spaik)


Spaik. Detail. Medellin, Colombia. (photo © Anck/Spaik)


Spaik. Medellin, Colombia. (photo © Anck/Spaik)


Spaik. Medellin, Colombia. (photo © Anck/Spaik)

EDITORS’ NOTE: After publishing this piece we were notified that for copyright reasons the festival has changed the name from “PICTOPIA’ to “STREET SKILLS”


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