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BSA Halloween Street Art Special 2013

The Halloween Parade through the Village in NYC is tonight, the 40th actually, and you will see a greater number of ghostly guys and ghouls on the bus and subway and hanging out on the street today. Of course New York has a fair share of freaks throughout the year, and some people love a […]

Banksy’s Final Trick

A Genuine October Surprise for New York Street Art Friends and Foes Alike. In a series of communiqués beamed from his website, the global Street Artist Banksy gave graffiti and Street Art followers a near daily jolt of mystery and mouse clicking that had people looking at every street scene as a possible Banksy by […]

Spaik in Medellin, Colombia for “Pictopia”

The third edition of the Street Art and graffiti festival called Pictopia is taking place in Colombia right now and through November 19th in four cities; Cali, Medellín, Manizales, and Copacabana. Begun in April of 2011 as principally a graffiti exhibiton with 50 graffiti artist, the project has opened itself to Street Art and mural […]

3TTMAN Completes the 30th Mural for Urban Forms In Lodz

3TTman has just completed the 30th mural for the Urban Forms project in Lodz, Poland. An eye-popping storyteller who often uses his works to tell allegories of a sociological, political, environmental nature, 3TTman hasn’t told us the full story here, but we see images of power, currency, natural resources, and a head on a plate. […]

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