Brooklyn Street Art

…loves you more every day.

ATL on the HUFFPO with BSA

INTI’s piece being admired by a bicycle tour for Atlanta Living Walls 2013 (photo © Jaime Rojo) Here is a cross-post from our Atlanta Living Walls article on the Huffington Post last week that we wanted to share because we liked it and because a number of people have written to us to share their […]

Urban Forms in Lodz, Poland Ready To Go

ROA Inaugurates, INTI to Hit 11-Story Wall Today we have a little reminder of the upcoming third edition of the Galeria Urban Forms Festival in Lodz, Poland, which will be really take off in the beginning of September. Already new work has begun from Etam Crew from Lodz with a mural on Politechniki Avenue inspired […]

Images of The Week: 08.25.13

Summer has been pretty stellar for those passersby on Brooklyn streets and here we have a great selection of installations including a couple from Dennis McNett, who posed a nine foot guy perched over traffic on Flushing Ave. Also notable is a new installation on the Williamsburg Bridge by Hot Tea using hundreds, maybe thousands […]

JC2 “City of Ether”

From Spain Jeice2 has just completed a ghostly painting on the side of an abandoned and damaged building and he sends us some images of it, including a cleverly photoshopped obscuring of himself in the lower corner.  In the face of usually bold and saturated graphic Street Art that one often sees today, this one […]

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