Brooklyn Street Art

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Jonathan Levine Gallery Presents: Ten Years of Wooster Collective 2003 – 2013 A Group Exhibition (Manhattan, NYC)

Wooster Collective 10 Years of Wooster Collective: 2003—2013 Group Exhibition Curated by Sara + Marc Schiller 525 West 22nd Street Aug 7 — Aug 24, 2013 Please follow and like us:

Wall \Therapy : Street Art Final Shots From Rochester

Diagnosis One: America’s deflated rustbelt cities can expect a deteriorated dust bowl demeanor until bankruptcy, followed by tumbleweeds. Diagnosis Two: Street Art and graffiti are inextricably entwined with and contributing factors for broken windows, societal disarray, economic and moral decay of the aforementioned cities. Both are failed and need to be re-examined. Francey. Detail A. […]

New from Lodz in Poland; ETAM Crew and MCity

New Additions to the Great Open Gallery of Polish “Urban Forms” As an update to our posting a few weeks ago about Urban Forms we have here some exclusive images of new work in Lodz from some local Street ETAM crew and M-City. The ETAM crew are Przemysław Blejzyk (“Sainer”) and Matthew Gapski (“Bezt”) and […]

ROA Diary : New Work from Australia, Argentina, Brazil, and Panama

“I felt an intimacy with them…bordering on frenzy [that] must accompany my steps through life,” said the celebrated John James Audubon, the French-American naturalist and painter more than 200 years ago of his deep love for birds that began as a teenager and lead to his illustrations of the still revered book The Birds of […]

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