Brooklyn Street Art

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YZ Brings Classical Beauties to Streets of Berlin

Early celluloid startlets dripping with liquid opulence meet classical greek heroines draped in clinging peplos with these quietly elegant wheat-pasted pieces by French Street Artist YZ in Berlin. Bringing her vintage view of high culture to sometimes very decayed and mottled walls of neglect, the contrast creates a vibrational effect for the passerby, who might […]

Cartwheel Art Presents: “Street & Outsider Art Spring Pop-Up” (Hollywood, CA)

WHAT: Hollywood newcomer PROJECT Gallery hosts CARTWHEEL’s Second Annual Pop-Up Art Show. This is an exciting opportunity for collectors and art enthusiasts to view and purchase unique works by eight stand-out street, outsider, assemblage, surf, and new contemporary artists primarily from the art fair circuit who are new to or emerging within Los Angeles. Along with […]

“Self Destruction” and How & Nosm in San Francisco

In San Francisco right now are How & Nosm, the Brooklyn based artists doing some work in a neighborhood known for serious drug related problems and violence. Tova Lobatz and Lauren Napolitano have invited the artists to participate in B.I.G. Projects, and the gents share these photos of their installation with us and with BSA […]

Studio Visit with MRKA : Graffiti and Branding

“Graffiti and branding are the same thing; One is legal and one is illegal.” BSA Contributor Rosanna Bach visited MRKA for a studio visit and they talked about the intersections of the street, the Internet, branding, commercialism, and graffiti. Here is what she found: At 23, New York based Lucas Benarroch (MRKA) is like a […]

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