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Anno Domini Presents: KLONE “The Moment (when the world stopped turning)” (San Jose, CA)

A collection of glimpses from our world, snapshot like documentation of possible/impossible moments. Each of those moments is represented through a visual vocabulary, loaded with symbolism that is derived from various experiences from not so far away childhood and through not so clear adulthood. This is visual documentation of life , no matter where you’re […]

Sacred Gallery Presents: KIDLEW “Haloz Wuz Here” (Manhattan, NYC)

The artistic mind of KIDLEW “Haloz Wuz Here” Opening Friday, Feb 8th. 8-11pm No Cover. Runs from Feb 8th – 28th Opening Friday, February 8th. 8-11pm Open to the public. Free of Charge. 21+ with ID to drink HALOZ WUZ HERE is a collection of work expanding on the notion that everything and everyone has […]

I AM Gallery Madrid Presents: Zosen y Mina Hamada “Neofauvismo” (Madrid, Spain)

Zosen y Mina Hamada, dos ciudadanos del mundo y pareja de artistas residentes en Barcelona, presentan en iam Gallery Madrid su primera exposición individual conjunta. Zosen nació en Argentina y Mina en Estados Unidos, aunque creció en Japón. Los dos se conocieron en una de sus características intervenciones murales y su común pasión por el […]

Low Brow Artique Presents: “THE4MULA” (Brooklyn, NY)

***RSVP is a must for this event. Please email THE4MULA2013@GMAIL.COM*** Featuring New Artwork by: Meres Bisco Bishop203 Just One Leias Zeso Zimad with sounds by the legendary Marley Marl This show will be up from 2/8-3/1 ***RSVP is a must for this event. Please email THE4MULA2013@GMAIL.COM*** Please follow and like us:

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