Brooklyn Street Art

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“The Last Picture”, Jaime Rojo Shoots the Street

New York streets never sleep, and they are just as raw, maddening, and wondrous as you’ve heard. Well known Street Art photographer Jaime Rojo cannot resist them. He’s always been attracted to the street and the uglier the neighborhood, the better. Before Rojo began shooting Street Art in the early 2000s he was known as [...]

Soze Gallery Presents: Augustine Kofie and Jaybo Monk “Conversations” (Los Angeles, CA)

Kofie/Jaybo Opening tonight, Downtown Los Angeles C o n v e r s a t i o n s  Recent individual and collaborative work by Augustine Kofie & Jaybo Monk of Agents of Change + the release of 2 zines in a limited edition of 30, ”When The Seas Catch Fire’ by JAYBO and ‘OBSERvations’ by [...]

Mighty Tanaka Gallery Presents: Robbie Busch and Abe Lincoln JR “Split Seven” (Brooklyn, NYC)

Split Seven Mighty Tanaka presents: Split Seven Abe Lincoln Jr. vs. Robbie Busch After the music dies down and the lights come up, an energy and excitement lingers in the air.  With a ringing in the ears and a vibration throughout the body, an awesome gig has come to an end.  As the bouncers try [...]

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