Brooklyn Street Art

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Fun Friday 11.30.12

  It’s Friday yo! Tomorrow starts December but the tree is already up at Rockefeller Center and the city is flushed with wide-eyed tourists bumping into each other and we are busy touring graffiti covered abandoned buildings smashed with paint balls. It’s all good.  Here’s some ideas for dope stuff to check out this weekend. [...]

David and Goliath : Fintan Switzer Paints Arab Spring

As Arab Spring enters a new chapter this week with Egypt’s Islamist president making decrees granting him near-absolute powers, it looks like this piece by Fintan Switzer is perfectly timely.  This is where the artist and the activist intersect, on a wall and in the street, and it has for centuries; a place to seek [...]

Montana Gallery Presents: C215 “Orgullecida” (Barcelona, Spain)

C215 C215 (Francia) Inauguración Miércoles 12 de Diciembre del 2012. Exposición del 13 de Diciembre al 02 de Febrero del 2013. “Trato de interactuar con lo que me rodea, motivo por el cual intervengo la calle aportando elementos y personajes que tienen una estrecha relación con las calles. Me gusta enseñar ciertos aspectos y personas [...]

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