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Recap of Galore Urban Art Festival in Copenhagen

Posted on September 3, 2012

This summer festivals around the globe like Galore in Copenhagen have given many a Street Artist and graffiti artist a new shot at an audience in the last decade or so. While the old skool graff heads and Street Artists may deride these affairs as illegitimate bastards of a legitimately illegit scene, more artists seem to just care about getting up and are happy to not look over their shoulder doing it. But let’s admit that it’s a fine line many are treadin to not let the event fall into a “community craft fair” feeling or into a logo-filled “lifestyle” brand jam of products and to still keep it fresh. No matter what, haters gonna hate and you just gotta do your thang, and for us, it’s all about the creative spirit.

So the Galore Urban Art Festival just ended and photographer Henrik Haven has just sent us some of his images of the happenings on the ground as many of the artists were busy completing their pieces. You may have seen the huge mural from Gr170 on Images of the Week yesterday and a couple of weeks ago we featured a full description of Aryz big mural for Galore. Special thanks to Henrik for all the exclusive images just for BSA readers.

Nelio (photo © Henrik Haven)

Zoer (photo © Henrik Haven)

Zoer (photo © Henrik Haven)

Gary (photo © Henrik Haven)

Blank (photo © Henrik Haven)

Blank (photo © Henrik Haven)

Mr. Wany working on his piece and on the right Semor and Dais at work on their piece. (photo © Henrik Haven)

Vizie on the left with Mr. Wany completed piece on the right.  (photo © Henrik Haven)

Sobek and Kcis at work on one of their pieces. (photo © Henrik Haven)

Sobek and Kcis (photo © Henrik Haven)

Sobek and Kcis (photo © Henrik Haven)

Galore Urban Art Festival, Copen (photo © Henrik Haven)


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