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Phlegm Goes Fishing in Ireland

Posted on July 19, 2012

On his recent trip to Bantry, West Cork, Ireland Street Artist Phlegm took advantage of a brief dry interlude, got his painting materials out, rolled up his sleeves and set his magical thinking free onto a couple of walls. Unbothered by the punishing rays of the sun, the palette of black and white emulated the greyness of the days.

Phlegm “Salmon” (photo © Phlegm)

Phlegm’s ingenious use of scale and precisely rough rendering of imagination can make you feel good about daydreaming. With the same determination as a kids building intricate sand castles and moats on the beach in the summer, you can watch Phlegm render this giant submarine-fish and imagine how a day can evaporate without notice.

Here’s a video of his work on both walls by Colm Rooney courtesy of One Color/Conor Mahon;


Phlegm under a grey sky. (still from video by One Color/Conor Mahon © Phlegm)

Phlegm and the innerworkings of the salmon. (still from video by One Color/Conor Mahon © Phlegm)

Phlegm creates a massive world of towns and hamlets with a brush and a small pot of paint. (still from video by One Color/Conor Mahon © Phlegm)

To see process photos of Phlegm getting up in Bantry go to his site at:

AND stay tuned to BSA for more images of Phlegm big wall in NYC very soon.


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