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LUDO, Playmates, and Beesties in Paris

Posted on July 17, 2012

Street Artist LUDO shows his active imagination is in full force with these new billboard takeovers in Paris that blend unusual themes with his ongoing fascination for insects and technology.

First are the insect playboys, appearing to merge a porno sensibility and animation 3-D rendering with the natural world.  Since Summer is the season for insect love in the park perhaps the gentlemen bugs mind turns to centerfolds and multi-legged playmating?

LUDO (photo © LUDO)

LUDO (photo © LUDO)

The second installation, by way of tribute to the passing of rapper Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch is his nod to the 1986 Beastie Boys Album cover for “Licensed to Ill”. In LUDO’s version, the crashed plane is morphed into an insect chassis and rechristened “Beestie”.

LUDO (photo © LUDO)

LUDO (photo © LUDO)

LUDO (photo © LUDO)

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