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Entes Y Pesimo Tour Europe

Posted on July 12, 2012

Peruvian Street Artists Entes y Pesimo have been on a tour through much of Europe painting murals in Paris (France), Eindhoven (Netherlands) and Hamburg (Germany).  Figurative and familial, their imagery borrows from more traditional graffiti and community mural styles and often depicts people sheltering and caring for one another.

Entes, Pesimo, Seth and Den. (photo © Entes y Pesimo)

Working together since 2000, the duo pioneered their brand of Street Art in Lima and belong to a larger group of artists in Peru who consider themselves graffiti activists. Thematically their work is influenced by social events, cultural and political, addressing issues like discrimination, racism, and the right to personal dignity.

Entes y Pesimo. Eindhoven, The Netherlands. (photo © Entes y Pesimo)

Entes, Pesimo. DJMC Crew (photo © Entes y Pesimo)

Entes, Pesimo. DJMC Crew. 93 Crew. Montry, France. (photo © Entes y Pesimo)

Entes y Pesimo.  Super. DJMC Crew. Hamburg, Germany. (photo © Entes y Pesimo)



Entes and Pesimo would especially like to thank Morne, Super, Paulina, Seth, Inti, Maun, Diana, and Nemiye for their help and support during this trip in Europe.



Here’s a video of their visit to Buenos Aires last year where they painted the trailer of a man named Henry, who has lived for years in the street.

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