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Lala Gallery Presents: “LA Freewalls Inside” (Los Angeles, CA)

LA Freewalls Inside Dear Friends,  We are incredibly proud to announce the opening of LALA Gallery on Saturday, April 21, 2012 where we will be presenting LA Freewalls Inside. LA Freewalls Inside is a group show featuring over 40 artists who have helped make Downtown Los Angeles one of the biggest and most recognizable public art spaces in the world, including Shepard Fairey, SWOON, HOW and NOSM. […]

Sowat and Lek Presents: “Mausolee” Art show and Book Release (Paris, France)

Mausolee On August 12, 2010, Lek and Sowat found an abandoned supermarket in the north of Paris. For a year, in the greatest of secrets, both artists continuously wandered in this 430,000 sq ft monument to paint murals and organize an illegal artistic residency, inviting forty French graffiti artists to collaborate, from the first to […]

941 Geary Gallery Presents: Herakut: “Loving the Exiled” (San Francisco, CA)

Herakut gaze out at us with eyes both sad and resigned, asking nothing of us but a basic empathy. From the Artists: We like to see each Herakut piece as the sum of a dialogue between Hera and Akut, a synthesis, a conclusion. And often this final thought is the first line of a new […]

New Image Art Gallery Presents: “High Five!” A Group Show (Los Angeles, CA)

High Five! New Image Art is excited to present “High Five,” a group-show featuring six artists with six very distinctive styles and voices beloved by New Image Art. Alia Penner, Ashley Macomber, Curtis Kulig, Deanna Templeton, Maya Hayuk, and Vanessa Prager will be filling the gallery with new paintings on paper and canvas, as well […]

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