Brooklyn Street Art

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Addict Galerie Presents: John CRASH Matos “Study in Watercolors” (Paris, France)

Crash Laetitia Hecht & ADDICT Galerie présentent : John CRASH Matos – “Study in Watercolors” 14.04.2012 – 02.06.2012 Vernissage le Samedi 14 Avril 2012, 18:00 – 21:00 Opening on Saturday, 14th of April 2012, 6 – 9 pm Doit-on encore présenter John CRASH Matos, ce pionnier du Street Art, né dans le Bronx en 1961, […]

MSA Gallery Presents: “Crossing Borders” A Group Show (Paris, France)

Crossing Borders featuring work by DAL, David Walker, Stinkfish, Faith47, David Shillinglaw, Martin Whatson, Klone, Snik, Otto Schade, Ben Slow, Joseph Loughborough, Inkie and Banksy Opening Reception: Saturday, March 31, 5-9pm MSAGallery @ L\INCONNU 17 rue Mazagran 75010 Paris, France Please RSVP to Preview List can be requested to Exhibition open to the public March […]

Rusted Metal: Canvas and Collaborator on the Streets

Street Art is ephemeral. That, for the most part is true. Unless we consider the role that the Internet plays in the way most people experience it. Then it doesn’t seem ephemeral at all. From the moment a piece of Street Art appears, its evolution begins. Transformed by the elements; rain, sun, the rusting and […]