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Garry Stubelick Wins “Editors Choice” on National Geographic

Posted on March 3, 2012

Last May we brought you the cool work of photographer Garry Stubelick and his time elapsed images incorporating street vocabulary and fire. Today we learn that one of his photos is “Editors Choice” in the March 2012 print edition of National Geographic magazine. Chosen as one of the best of 2011, this fire hydrant is truly on fire. Congratulations Garry!

Detail of “Fire-Hydrant #17” (© Gary Stubelick)

“A time lapse photographer since 1973, the artist “paints” objects discarded, overlooked and discovered with sparklers, incandescent tungsten, and highway flares, giving them shooting star status…”

“Fire-Hydrant #17” (© Gary Stubelick)

Download the image as wallpaper from the National Geographic site HERE.

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