Brooklyn Street Art

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Shai Dahan, Ollio and Ekta in the Swedish Woods

Some artists are always on the lookout for abandoned construction projects or buildings that the owners leave empty after they can’t afford to live in them, pay for the maintenance, or taxes. Developers start projects and run out of funding because their backers pull out or the economy goes into the ditch. Sometimes the developer […]

Fun Friday 03.30.12

1. Wooly Bully! (VIDEO) 2. “International Woman” at The Warrington Museum (UK) 3. “While Supplies Last” at Pawn Works (Chicago) 4. Crossing Borders at MSA Gallery (Paris) 5. Isaac Cordal “Waiting for Climate Change” at Beaufort 04 (Flemish Coast, Belgium) 6. HOW & NOSM show you HOW they made “Reflections” (VIDEO) 7. Kid Zoom Crashes […]

OLEK Queen of Crocheted Expressionism – With Balloons

Crochet and knitting used to be for girls only. They would learn how to knit early in their training for their married life. Some girls were trained at finishing school while others learned it in an arts and crafts class.  Often the trades you learned were split by gender – Mr. Arbunk, the Shop teacher, […]

“Poorhouse for the Rich” Revitalized By The Arts

A block-long limestone mansion originally built as a welfare hotel for the retiring rich invites streetwise Graff artists and others to gild it’s decayed rooms, raising it from pigeon-infested squalor. Call it “This Side of Paradise” Enter a discussion about the impact of the modern Street Art movement and someone will inveigh with swollen gravitas […]

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