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Dabs & Myla Paint A Tiger Truck With Kem5

Posted on February 25, 2012

Box Truck Action! Exclusive Pics of the Mustard Tiger in the Wilds of LA!

For the box truck fans who like to see their graffiti and street art mobilized, here’s a new one from Melbourne’s Dabs & Myla and Boston’s Kem5 that is speeding through LA. With any luck, you’ll be stuck in a traffic jam with this one, and it will lower your blood pressure while you groove to some smoove songs. They call it “The Mustard Tiger Truck”.

On safari in LaLa Land. Dabs & Myla with Kem5 (photo courtesy of Dabs & Myla)

Dabs & Mayla with Kem5 (photo courtesy of Dabs & Myla)

Dabs & Myla with Kem5 (photo courtesy of Dabs & Myla)

Dabs & Myla with Kem5 (photo courtesy of Dabs & Myla)



God, this song from Rocky 57 didn’t age very well. But these shots of the majestic badass tiger family are timeless. Don’t look in his eyes cause he’ll have you for a nice Saturday lunch.

You can also check out the Ice Cube DMX Remix to update it with beats and profanity.

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