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Brand New Faile Video – The 1986 Challenger Crash and It’s Impact

Posted on January 19, 2012

“Street Art: It’s a Living Breathing Thing on the Street,” says Patrick Miller

A few months ago, the independent doc filmmakers from Ride5 Films interviewed FAILE and did a beautiful, striking job of it.

The five-minute short film explores the motivation and the message behind their art – why they make it, how they make it and how they hope people will interact with it.

Of particular interest is the ruminating that both Patricks did about an historic event that affected them strongly as kids, and they explain in some detail the relevance of at least one of the recurring images in the Faile library – as well as the date 1986 (or number 86) that is often spotted in their work.

“…that night we were talking about the 1986 space shuttle Challenger disaster and we had very specific memories about where we were and what was going on that that time,” explains Patrick O’Neil.

With Special thanks to Ryan, Chris and Liz from Ride5 FIlms for sharing this with Brooklyn Street Art.


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