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Blanco Visits Beijing and Shanghai

China has it’s own graffiti and Street Art scene, but you don’t hear too much about it. You can get a tour of local Street Art and graffiti in Beijing, check out sites like FatCap and of course the pool on Flickr. New York graff legend Daze even had a show at a gallery here […]

Unit 44 Presents: “New Arrival” by Philp Lumbang (Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK)

Philip Lumbang Friday February 03 Advance Preview. RSVP to Unit 44’s latest exhibit New Arrival by Philip Lumbang opening 6 February 2012 to the general public. The illustrator and street artist will be presenting a brand new body of work at the Newcastle space for his first UK solo show. Incorporating his childhood fascination […]

Hush Levitates in San Francisco

Rising deities in a darkened house of worship, the new geisha-like figures silently rise above your earthbound concerns and hover, gestural hands signalling a blessing for all who enter. These new works by Street Artist and fine artist HUSH at 941 Geary impart a serenity even as they swirl in patchwork brocades and Maypole strips […]

Images of the Week 01.29.12

The streets have been seeing an uptick in socio-political messages recently, whether because of the Occupy protests, or because artists are exercising their speech in low cost, low-tech, person-to-person methods. The very personal nature of this kind of messaging actually feels impactful when it catches your eye with a sense of intention, grabbing you by […]

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