Brooklyn Street Art

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Faile Surprise : New Painting Direction at Lazarides Show Tonight

JUST ANNOUNCED: FAILE UNVEILS BOLD NEW STUFF A new gallery show from the Brooklyn art collective Faile has just been announced at Lazarides in London and even though they say it’s not a radical departure from their recent work, we feel like it is. Brand new Faile paintings in studio. (image © and courtesy of […]

Faile Will Surprise You Tonight at Lazarides Rathbone Place with “Fragments of Faile” (London, UK)

Faile Faile. “Fragments of Faile” Studio process shot. (photo © courtesy of Faile) From Lazarides press release: “Over the course of the past decade, FAILE developed an artistic practice inflected with remixes of mass culture, and built on careful juxtapositions of seeming dualities. Fragments of FAILE allows us to see them working at one frontier […]

Street Artist XAM : Architecture for the City Bird

Architect to the urban aviary set, Street Artist XAM is one rare bird. Averaging one per week over the last year, the California born former graffiti writer has designed, constructed and installed homes and feeders for New York City birds on street signs above your head. While studying architecture and object design at the School […]