Brooklyn Street Art

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Black Book Gallery Presents: Skewville “Anti-Social Networking” (Denver, CO)

Skewville The work of twin artist duo and collective, Skewville from Queens, NY will be appearing at Black Book Gallery during the month of October. Skewville is at once a place and a term to denote a specific style of street art, originating from the pair and their early beginnings occupying a building given the […]

The People Speak: Jetsonorama New Project in Flagstaff, Arizona

Jetsonorama “Step” (photo © Courtesy of Jetsonorama) “In Flagstaff, Az there is an effort on the part of the Navajo and Hopi tribes against using reclaimed waste water to make snow on a local ski resort, The Snowbowl.   Thirteen surrounding tribes hold the San Francisco peaks, where the fake snow is to be made, […]