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BOO! Monstrous BSA Halloween Photo Essay

Happy Halloween to all you good boys and ghouls lurking behind heavy closed doors with frogs in your pockets and bats in your hair. Do you dare venture out this All Hallows Eve? What will you see tonight in the cold black air? “What beckoning ghost along the moonlight shade Invites my steps, and points […]

Images of the Week 10.30.11

FAILE DAY TWO : THE HOUSTON WALL AND A PRAYER WHEEL. Friday was a sunny clear October day and the Faile Duo returned to the Houston Wall to complete their installation, a continual layering of the images and visual vocabulary they have developed into a language. Aided by a handful of assistants, they set out […]

“Homo Riot” Opening Devolves Into Orgy at Site Unseen

“The Homo Riot opening was a great success,” says JB Jones of The Site Unseen, who threw this solo show for one of the rare gay Street Artists who are out of the closet and on the corrugated metal walls. Part social activism and eroticism, this stencil heavy work on the streets of LA can […]

Fun Friday 10.28.11

Basically today is the kickoff of a 4 day Halloween weekend of debauchery for many NYC freaks in the streets, loft parties, and bars. You are permitted to wear your Halloween costume at all times, including sleeping in a pile of barf and fake blood. Some of the favorite Halloween costumes this year are Nicky […]

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