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Overunder and Broken Crow at “Living Walls : Albany”

Posted on September 16, 2011


Words by KC Orcutt

Images by Andrew Franciosa and MC3

Overunder is a firecracker. From my initial participation in witnessing the Living Walls unfold in Albany, he has been nothing but a friendly and tireless ball of creative energy (in the best way possible) showing me parts of the city I grew up in that I didn’t even know existed on Google maps of places he’s been exploring. As a first time visitor adapting to the town, we joked about him about being able to give directions better than I, myself, could as a local.

brooklyn-street-art-overunder-andrew-franciosa-living-walls-albany-1-webOverunder (photo © Andrew Franciosa)

Overunder has work installed currently at the Marketplace Gallery and his pieces have been sprinkled throughout Albany, such as one gem tucked away in the South End sharing a building with Broken Crow. His portraits are as engaging as the quirky characteristics of each building or wall themselves, picking up on elements of the city (such as painting people that he’s met during his stay here) and his attention to detail in his work brings out new characteristic aspects of walls that otherwise would have continued to blend in unnoticed with the city’s surroundings.

Overunder’s pieces are as conversational as the artist himself and his work has breathed fresh air into these community spaces. Just judging off of our several conversations over the past week, I’d say it’s a safe bet to make that he has more tricks up his sleeve and more work will surface as the weekend draws closer.


Overunder (photo © Andrew Franciosa)


Overunder (photo © MC3)


Broken Crow (photo © Andrew Franciosa)


Broken Crow (photo © Bob Anderson)


Broken Crow (photo © Bob Anderson)

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