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Spoke Art Gallery Presents New Works by: Handiedan, Craww, Charmaine Olivia and Tatiana Suarez (San Francisco, CA)

Spoke Art Spoke Art Gallery September Group Exhibition Featuring: Handiedan, Charmaine Olivia, Craww and Tatiana Suarez Opening night September 1, 2011 6pm – 10pm show on view through September 22, 2011 Spoke Art is pleased to present our September Group Show featuring four artists from around the world.  While there is a similar subject matter, […]

Primary Projects Presents: “His Wife & Her Lover” A Group Show (Miami, Florida)

Primary Projects Primary PROJECTS Presents – His WIFE & Her LOVER A Group Exhibition featuring New Works from : Valerie Hegarty, Mark Jenkins, George Sanchez Calderon, Dead Dads Club Corporation, Manny Prieres, Emmett Moore, Franky Cruz, Andrew Nigon,            Cleon Peterson, Nick Klein, Johnny Robles, Jessy Nite, & Edouard Nardon “The urge to destroy is also a […]

Bien Urbain Presents “Artistic Path on (and With) Public Spaces (Besançon, France)

Bien Urbain «BIEN URBAIN» is an artistic path in a popular city center district and the University campus of Besançon – France that aims at promoting art in public spaces just next a rich historic architecture. The invited artists, all coming from the “street art” scene, are used to work with different kinds of tools […]

High Roller Society Presents: “Metamorphosis” LUDO (London, UK)

LUDO Drawn with the precision of botanical illustrations, Ludo sociological imagery and malevolent creatures are as elegant as they are fierce. Hailing from France, Ludo has been creating attention around industry-fueled consumer culture for over a decade. Seamlessly fusing nature wondrous species with its man-made destructive counterparts, these works intend to jolt us out of […]

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