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Specter BKLN/PARIS Mashup with FKDL as Gracious Host

Posted on July 2, 2011

As we have previously reported here Street Artist Specter was in Paris recently for his solo show “Things Change” at the Since-Upian Gallery. His magnum opus on the street while there was the faithful recreation of a Brooklyn bodega façade that juts out into the street with a surprisingly genuine quality. For added authenticity, the rolldown gate is reproduced with the graffiti tag of Miss 17, ubiquitous throughout many neighborhoods of New York.

brooklyn-street-art-specter-paris-brooklyn-bodega-07-01-web-1 You know it’s not Brooklyn if there is a uniformed guy sweeping the street with a green broom. Specter’s “Brooklyn Bodega,” a typical store front imported to Paris. (photo © Lauren Besser)

Ever challenging to conventional notions of what the Street Art scene is, Specter likes to turn your brain upside down with his actions like his spot-jocking of other Street Artist last year. Plumbing the gray areas again, he reproduces graffiti and Street Art within his own work, at once a documentation, tip of the hat, and visual paradox causing one to re-consider self evident truths about art and vandalism.


Specter painting his “Brooklyn Bodega” on a wall in Paris. (photo © Lauren Besser)

While in Paris, Street Artist FKDL played host to Specter and his friend and facilitated a small tour of some well known spots for Street Art, here documented by Lauren Besser in these photographs exclusively for BSA readers:


Specter “Brooklyn Bodega,” Paris. (photo © Lauren Besser)


Specter “Brooklyn Bodega,” Paris. (photo © Lauren Besser)


Specter “Brooklyn Bodega,” Paris. (photo © Lauren Besser)


Specter spreads out pieces for the street (photo © Lauren Besser)


Specter and FKDL getting up (photo © Lauren Besser)

brooklyn-street-art-specter-fkdl-lauren-besser-paris-07-01-web -7

Specter and FKDL (photo © Lauren Besser)


Specter and FKDL (photo © Lauren Besser)


Specter and FKDL getting up (photo © Lauren Besser)


Specter and FKDL (photo © Lauren Besser)

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