Brooklyn Street Art

…loves you more every day.

Logan Hicks Sings “Pretty Ugly” at Opera Tonight

Brooklyn’s Own Logan Hicks Debuts New Solo Show. Logan Hicks “Sleepy” (photo © Logan Hicks) Opera Gallery, that is…as long as we are playing with words. What you can’t play with is the cinematic experiences Logan is evoking with his black and white portraiture and his ever-growing love affair with architecture, street scenes, industrial machinations […]

Bortusk Leer and Sticking Bubblegum Up Your Nose

Street Artist Bortusk Leer’s smiling and devious characters drawn and colored with a childlike mind continue to make people on New Yorks’ streets smile. As previous artist neighborhoods like Williamsburg are overrun with helicopter moms jogging behind strollers, the professional parents taking their progeny to playdates probably think the wheatpastes are the Universe’s welcome to […]