Brooklyn Street Art

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New Image Art Presents: “Twin” by Hush (West Hollywood, CA)

Hush Hush new street installation in Los Angeles (photo © Todd Mazer) OPENING SATURDAY MAY 21st HUSH “TWIN” with musical performances by COOL MOMS & THE NORIEAGA’S Hush returns to Los Angeles with a new collection of work reflecting his unique blend of street and cross-cultural aesthetics. Playing primarily with the idea of duality, the […]

Italian Street Artist Göla and His Fantastical Hybrids in Brazil

Italian Street Artist Göla is in Curitiba, Brazil working with Brazillian Paulo Auma as part of a public art / street art exhibition called “Hibrido”, or Hybrid. Engaging the children, adults, and walls with fantastic and glaring color drenched combinations of genetically modified animals, insects, food, and technological wonders is meant to be more than […]