Brooklyn Street Art

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MOCA Presents: “Art In The Streets” (Los Angeles, CA)

JR JR “The Wrinkles in the City 2011”  Photo Courtesy © MOCA Street artist JR has installed a new piece on the Alameda street side of our Geffen Contemporary building in Little Tokyo. The work is part of a 20 artwork project called The Wrinkles of The City that is currently being unveiled at locations […]

Street Artist QRST Goes to New Orleans to Give BP and us a “Thwack”

With people actually advocating off-shore drilling as an option to pull down recently inflated gas prices at the pump, this timely reminder from Street Artist QRST talks about April showers nobody looks forward to. On a recent visit to New Orleans, whose gulf coast shore and fragile ecosystem were converted into the Big Greasy last […]