Brooklyn Street Art

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Black Rat Projects Presents: Brian Adam Douglas AKA Elbow-Toe “Due Date” (London, UK)

Elbow Toe Never seen in public before, Brian Adams Douglas’ new massive (5 x 7) and three months in the making painting “Memory of You” will be the central focus of his new solo show. Elbow-Toe Brian Adam Douglas – Due Date March 10 – April 8, 2011 Black Rat Projects Through Cargo Garden Arch […]

Stick Out Your Tongue : Street Art So Close You Can Lick it at Fountain

Our preferred punk rock lopsided Anti-Fair, Fountain, is in full effect right now and this year is showing Street Artists like none of the stuffy one’s could bear; Just one step removed from the street. Some of New York’s current players hit up a 100 foot long wall with whatever they wanted. The eclectic result […]