Brooklyn Street Art

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Specter “Undereducated”

Education is continues to be hotly discussed and chronically underfunded, much to the detriment of current and future workers in the US. For some reason we can save banks but not schools. As elsewhere in the social net, the gap widens between those with access and those who don’t stand a chance.

Explains Specter, “My new series, ‘Undereducated,’ continues the discussion of the RE:FORM SCHOOL art show and the release of Waiting for Superman. A text-book sculpture was placed at the entrance of P.S. 277 in the South Bronx’s 7th District. Old text books are renewed to inspire students, bring art to their streets and force attention to disastrous cuts in arts education. By placing art around schools we can expose students to different ideas and present art where it has been cut out.”