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Quel Beast: Street Art, Hip Hop, and Cross-Undressing

I headed to Bushwick’s Wreck Room last week to talk to Quel Beast about art and see how he’s doing. He’s pasting up some work indoors this week, at Kings County, and a new street piece was almost ready for Chelsea. The Wreck Room is an unpretentious spot where secrets flow easily, and so, over beer and fried pickles, Quel Beast confided to me his frustrations, some obsessions, and what he would do if he couldn’t make art. But he remained quiet about the street piece, which made me

Fun Friday 10.15.10

1. “Cimmaron Shade” at Mighty Tenaka
2. “Portraits” with Sten + Lex with Gaia at Brooklynite
3. Dan Taylor at Pandemic
4. “Muralmorphosis” with The Philadelphia Mural Arts Program (video)
5. Ben Eine at The Moniker Art Fair
6. “Hell’s Half Acre”
7. “David Choe Goes to Hell”