Brooklyn Street Art

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Hold Up Art Gallery Presents: BUA “POPS” (Los Angeles, CA)

BUA LOS ANGELES, Ca. – BUA, the legendary urban artist, proudly introduces his newest collection of original art, entitled BUA “POPS”, as well as showcasing some of his classic works on Saturday, September 11, 2010, at Hold Up Art, located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo district. For BUA, POPS represents more […]

High Roller Society Presents: Glenn Anderson + Richard Coldicott “Warp + Woof” (London, England)

High Roller Society warp and woof [wawrp uh nd woof] (see also warp and weft) noun. 1. The threads that run lengthwise (warp) and crosswise (woof) in a woven fabric 2. A distinctive, complex underlying pattern or structure on which something is built; a base or foundation The first London exhibition by Glenn Anderson & […]

Images Of The Week 09.05.10

Our weekly interview with the street, this week featuring BHNL, BP, F, OverUnder, Paul Richard, Tip Toe, Tucalin, Feral and White Cocoa.