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Art Box Gallery Presents: Hugh Leeman “A Hand In The Inadvertent” (Indinapolis, In)

Hugh Leeman Jason Myers CEO/Gallery Director Norman Cisler Vice President/Artistic Director Ben Brown Partner/Director of Marketing Meegan Fournier Gallery Manager ARTBOX in the Stutz 2 Business Center 217 West Tenth St. ste.125 Indianapolis, In 46202 entrance and parking 900 block Senate Ave. ARTBOX downtown 245 S. McCrea Street Indianapolis, In 46225 […]

Bortusk Leer Travels in India with Monsters in Tow

London-based Street Artist Bortusk Leer emptied out his flat one day early this year and put all his belongings in storage. He packed some articles of clothing and a legion of colorful, friendly monsters and embarked on a journey to India for six months with his girlfriend. On the route from town to town, guest […]

Hugh Leeman & Faber at Living Walls

The Living Walls Conference in Atlanta ended weeks ago and the organizers still think of all the artists who helped in their first ever event; the art, the conversations, the animate debates, the camaraderie.

One artist at Living Walls, Hugh Leeman, saw his portrait of an American civil rights icon actually precipitate the removal of an alcohol ad, due to local community sentiments – although no-one has said who brought it down. Street Artist Faber, takes a less literal, more intuitive approach to creating pieces specific to their location and his inner dialogue.

Pure Evil Gallery Presents: Robbo. New Paintings (London, UK)

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