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Images Of The Week 08.29.10

Posted on August 29, 2010


Our Weekly Interview with the street; this week featuring Anera, Feral, Indigo Blue, Love Billy, Mr. DiMaggio, OverUnder, and White Cocoa

Indigo Blue "Rosemary Brown" (© Photo Indigo Blue)
Indigo “Rosemary Brown” (© Photo Indigo)

“My part of the Beatty St. mural. The wall is a compilation of portraits of important people in the history of Vancouver, past present and future. I painted Rosemary Brown, the first black woman in Canadian history to be a member of a Canadian parliamentary body.”~ Indigo Blue

Love Billi (© Jaime Rojo)

“Soon as I finish this sock I can go for a nice bike ride.” Love Billy (© Jaime Rojo)

Mr. Dimaggio (© Jaime Rojo)

Mr. DiMaggio (© Jaime Rojo)

White Cocoa (© Jaime Rojo)

A study of omnipotence.  White Cocoa (© Jaime Rojo)

Overunder Upsidedown (© Jaime Rojo)

Overunder, Brummel Upsidedown (© Jaime Rojo)

Mr. DiMaggio in Paris (© Luca)

Mr. DiMaggio in Paris (© Luca)

Anera (© Jaime Rojo)A Taking liberties with Anera with this highly digitized effect (© Jaime Rojo)

Mr. DiMaggio (© Jaime Rojo)

Mr. DiMaggio (© Jaime Rojo)

Feral (© Jaime Rojo)
Feral (© Jaime Rojo)

White Cocoa (© Jaime Rojo)
“He obviously idea has no idea what he is talking about regarding the right to free speech.  On the other hand the tone of the program makes me think he has some legitimacy.  They wouldn’t give a forum to someone who is a crackpot, right?  I’m confused.” White Cocoa (© Jaime Rojo)

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