Brooklyn Street Art

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Day 4: General Howe’s “Battle of Brooklyn 2010”

“Consolidation of allies”
Today we traveled with General Howe within Red Hook to recall and honor the skirmishes and dead that began to pile up; also to stuff papers with proclamations by the actual General Howe in Park Slope. That political animal, the British General Howe whom our intrepid street artist has taken his name from, used propaganda in this handbill to try to convince new Americans living in Long Island to come over to the British side be nice subjects of the King. He promised all would be forgiven, generous General that he was;

Twisting their status as freedom lovers into people who had been duped into it, he offered those who were ” forced into rebellion, that on delivering themselves up at the head quarters of the army, they will be received as faithful subjects; have permits to return peaceably to their respective Dwellings, and meet with full protection for their persons and property.”*
Sound thrilling to you? Well don’t be so quick to judge because Howe absorbed the militia in four Kings County (Brooklyn) towns. Oh, snap! Brother’s got a golden tongue!

Vertikall Gallery Presents: Skewville, Isham, Candice Grass, Kris Trappeniers, Kevin Vast, Quentin Sagot, Manue Cuge “Fly Me To The Moon” (Lille, France)

“Fly Me To The Moon” Vertikall Gallery FLY ME TO THE MOON By Vertikall Galerie Date: 1 oct – 6 nov   opening on 30 septembre 6:30 pm Location: 4 parvis saint maurice LILLE France Artists: Skewville, us Isham, fr Kris Trappeniers, be Kevin Vast, us Candice Gras, fr Manue Cuge, fr Quentin Sagot, fr […]

Verve Hair Lounge Presents: Indigo Blue Solo Show “Towards The Light” (North Vancouver Canada)

Indigo Blue Indigo Blue Photo Courtesy of the Artist You found your wings, lift slow through charcoal skies.  Weighted, I remain. Seven years later, I move forward, choose light.  Paint pictures not of you but for you – and even now I cannot find the words to write.  Still just a heartbeat, still just a […]

Street Art Photographers: Capturing Ephemera Part 2

Google Maps does a pretty good job at simply documenting streets. These professionals and others like them know how to discern, interpret and present the work of Street Artists in ways that can add context, meaning, breath and life. We heartily thank these three artists for their candid and insightful responses (and incisive wit!) and we look forward to including many other voices in the ongoing discovery that is Street Art today.